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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeSun Jun 08, 2008 9:31 pm

Ignore the Urls...

Here are the basic game rules, first off all you should get yourself introduced check here: and make a topic for yourself so we all get to know better.
Be sure to read all of this post, i know it is boring but this way you avoid being caught by surprise and be reprimanded by the adm\mods.

After this you must be aching to start RPing (Role Playing) for this you need to create your own ninja character and then it needs to be approved but the Mods as you won't be allowed to RP if you don't have an approved ninja profile, go here and get yourself a application form: make sure you fill in that template and be good with the details, but of course don't make a novel, once you are done with your application make a topic for yourself in here: and post it preferably with the name of your ninja, see other profiles to get a better idea, specially the approved ones. We recently opened the SAND VILLAGE , so consider joining it, to help it grow!

Note that since we are a still developing forum the rank you can start in is limited, for now, so you can only start as Academy Student, and as an akatsuki ( If they aren't full). For obvious reason we can't have too many criminals so there is a limit for them, akatsuki's max is 10 members and missing nins is 20, which has been reached. For now, remember that if you play as an akatsuki or missing nin you have to mind the consequences, you will be hunted down if you show up in a village, and if you do something dramatic you might have problems.

This is a free site which means we try to give our members as much freedom as we can but there are always people who abuse that freedom so we must have rules. When making your character profile, make sure you don't over power yourself\your character, because if you do it won't be approved until you change it, plus you can't become a jounin then suddenly go missing nin, because of this site being in development that would make too much confusion and disorganize it.

Now on the the basic rules of the forum and site:

-First you can't create any other ninja character, just one, and once your ninja character is approved you won't be able to alter it, except some jutsu updates and stuff obviously you can ask me or obiki to do it and we will see to it.

-Don't create multiple accounts specially with out mine and/or obiki's knowledge since that will be considered spam\hacking and we take that matter very seriously.

-While RPing DO NOT GODMOD, we have a very hard stand against this, you could be banned or even kicked on the spot for it.

-We also want good role players, for that you should check our RP courses here:
here: and here: we are starting to take a serious thing bad RPing, so we will start to warn someone to did a bad RP with a warn and directing them to a RP course so he\she could learn proper RP, then if the bad RP continues you'll receive another verbal warning, after that a banned for a week and eventually expulsion, but i hope it never comes to that.

-As for spamming we have a very strict policy about it, when you post make sure you say all you can in one post and avoid do multiple posts, don't make two posts with something you could say in just one, if you want to add something to a post edit it don't make a new one. As for topics it's is even more to follow the spamming rules, don't create a topic just because you are in the mood for it topic are only to be created when needed. The warning about spamming go as follows, 1st one verbal warning, 2nd a second verbal warning, 3rd a ban for one week, finally kicked, but i trust were aren't going to get to that point. Also to create a topic just because, it's considered even worst spaming

-Respect your fellow members, adm and mods, we aren't very strict about the use of "bad words" here but we won't hesitate to kick someone if they are rude.

-Only Chuunin-level ninjas and above are able to leave the village to join a criminal organization or become/ be trained by a missing nin.

-Even tough we have several countries we can RP in, we only RP in the fire country for now, and only exiting it when doing official missions given by the Hokage, like said before this is a still developing RPG so we need to keep organized, and once we have more members and are well organized we can "stretch out" to the other countries.

-Also here you can develop techniques yourself and if you do, you will be the direct "owner" of these techniques, no one else has the right to use them, unless they ask authorisation from the author, and he\she agrees, this rules also aplies to every custom summons, and custom weapons they are exclusively yours unless you want to share them.

-On a related matter, due to abuse of our forum freedom, from here on all genins are forbidden to know/learn, chidori, rasengan, or any other technique above C-rank, including shadow clones, the minimum rank to learn this tech is chunnin.

-Avoid RP in several places at once, you shouldn't be able to be in more than one place at once.

-Don't pm any Staff member about Rank changes/promotions! They will me eventually given to you when the Staff feels that you deserve it.

-Read every " Rules" topic in every Section before posting there.

-Any question you have MUST be PMed to a Staff member. Please don't post anywhere asking questions.

-Any unofficial mission/personal quest must be approved by either me or okibi.

-If you want to learn a new Jutsu, you HAVE to have it approved by Okibi or me.

-No spamming is allowed in the Chatbox. The Chatbox is a place to, like its name implies, chat with other members, but keep the useless stupid messages away!

-Be nice to everyone on the Chatbox. Don't be rude, and keep away from being annoying.

-Don't be reckless. If your character dies, you probably won't be able to make another one!

-Check this topic regularly, as rules keep being added up!

For more information check the FAQs.
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